Customized Copywriting To Inform and Inspire

You want more leads; You want more sales; and you want more influence.


I Write Copy and Content to Meet Your Needs... Ad Planning | Marketing Strategies | Branding Tactics

You Can Achieve Engaging Results Through Two Types of Body Copy.    Hello, I’m Cindy, founder of Customized Copywriting located on the Columbia River in St. Helens, Oregon.  My boutique workshop creates a variety of digital marketing ads and copywriting services. Many are created to overcome obstacles and challenges in the promotion arena.

Straight Copy: Text designed for either an educational or informative purpose. 

Sales Copy: Text used for a persuasive response, usually built using an emotion. Call-to-actions are included such as sign-up and call-in buttons.

These two styles provide effective, customer-focused content and copy. Visitors will turn into customers. Then return to your site to order more product and service. Building up brand loyalty in a place where referrals come from. A place where strategy and planning help to harness your potential to inform and inspire more sales.

Helping Businesses Stay Competitive

I stay relevant as a copywriter by helping your company stand out. I will research your competition to reveal detailed information that you can use to up your game, in addition to my writing ad copy for your goal.

From a new product launch to a call to action for your services ensure your marketing materials get precision showcasing.  With the right words at the right time your business will attract visitors twenty-four seven. Then you are primed to inform them and inspire more sales through my copy and content. 

Put my twenty years high-end sales experience to use online and offline. Creating effective digital marketing puts you in front of your targets. With the Internet growing so much, I know ways to place you in front, to add more value and benefits to your marketing, your audience, and your customers and to get the results you want and maybe need. 


Women-owned businesses face unique challenges. Many changes have come along for the better, some direct results of what women in my generation accomplished. Witnessing certain situations taught me how to navigate the waters more effectively. This is what I wish to pass on.  There is still a lot to be done however. When we band together our advertising and marketing efforts can keep strong positioning for your customers and attract new ones. If you've been underhanded or dealt unfairly remember the best revenge is success!

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A Website Auditor and Freelance Copywriter You Can Trust

I'm old school I suppose but I believe in an open mind and learning from the wise. People can flock to your site through talking to them as if you were old friends. That is what its all about isn't it? Liking someone at a company and feeling comfortable enough to trust them. You move forward and strike a deal. It happens all the time.                     

By thinking creatively to provide your visitors with better quality, user-friendly experiences. Providing ways to improve your ability to connect with your market and grab ahold of more leads; more sales and more influence. Which will inevitably effect your bottom line.

Whether you wish to generate leads or transact sales or go for recognition or build your brand, leveraging best practices can reach your planned results. Use my AWAI training which has equipped me with the tools to access these ends on your behalf and generate the results you desire.

Let's Talk

Take a few minutes out and ask yourself what you would like to achieve. Have you considered your service or products best way to get across? I have some ideas. 

Without sounding like a textbook, how do you offset issues you might be facing? Holding back from ad drives could be hindering your growth so how best to combat it? Remember I mentioned content to get more leads? Sometimes that is the very best place to start. Build up a fresh base and go from there. Provide free ebooks and articles to give visitors something of value.

There are digital marketing options  you may not be aware of.  Let's hop on the phone, meet on Zoom or send me an email. I like to know who I am doing business with, you probably do too. I'm the oldest of four and I am the mother of four and choosing to write copy has changed my life. I do NOT want to do anything else. I love it. The opportunity it provides me to help others is, well, staggering and I can't wait to see what the next project has in store. Sometimes an alignment between parties can become stale or unproductive and it doesn't hurt to look out for your best interests. 

No harm no foul. You might just be pleasantly surprised. Don't lose sight of stoking your business furnace to full capacity. You deserve as good as it gets and certain steps to take to get there can be taken right away.  


The Bottom Line

  • You Want More Interest
  • You Want More Referrals
  • You Want More Success
  • You Don't Want Confusing Ideas
  • You Don't Want Unrealistic Promises
  • You Don’t Want Inconsistent Strategies