August is Our Real Estate Industry Appreciation Month

When the sun comes up, most of us wake in our cozy comfortable houses glad to be alive and living. Remember the first night you spent in your house? All that work finally reached its end and there you were.

You can’t help but flash back on the myriad of people that enter and exit throughout the process but the Realtor and the Lender were the two that stuck through from start to finish, who iron-out those unsightly “condition” wrinkles and get things back on track. It’s nothing short of a minor-miracle even if no issues arise.

I have personally closed escrows in 2 weeks and sold houses in one day and no matter what the overall take on it sums up to be… it is a part of your life that involves an unusually different amount of stress, or at the least, higher levels of anxiousness.

There are a lot of moving parts and a sequence of events to coordinate that take your attention. Many people get away for a couple days after a move just to shake the dust off. To a slightly lesser degree our Real Estate Professionals go through the same process along with their clients. They know when things are serious, par-for-the-course, intense, alarming, flatlining and finished. The pay is good but the rollercoaster ride isn’t cut out for the faint of heart.

These folks have their hands full so take a minute to let them know you appreciate them and you are glad you can count on them being there when the next time comes around. Why not pick up the phone and say you wish them well or pop a card in the mail (people still enjoy getting mail you know).

It’s a good practice to keep a handy notebook (paper or paperless) for jotting down the things you are doing to your place. With a brief entry you can log the date, the project and the price as a way of keeping aware of your property improvements. Even if you think that it is insignificant, it’s not.

New faucets and light fixtures are a good thing. New paint here an apple tree there-all good. It’s worth keeping in mind that taking pictures is a good idea. To photograph your property and your belongings and keep on a flash drive or camera card and store in a fireproof safe or safe deposit box is insurance for you. The peace of mind that looking out for your kingdom brings. I imagine there may be more tech-savvy methods but at least do this. Being safe and prepared is hot-hot-hot.

So what else can you do for Realtors, Loan Officers, Property Managers, title/escrow officers, appraisers and inspectors? Be their advocates my doing the lightest of things. Ask them for some extra business cards and stick them on the bulletin boards at restaurants, stores, libraries and motels. That’s easy right? (If they still use them that is). If not, and also, visit their websites and leave a genuine heartfelt review. THAT goes a long way and they will appreciate it very much. Thank you, gifts are second runner ups. They speak volumes with flowers for the ladies and golf balls or movie tickets for the guys. It’s the thought that counts, and couldn’t we all use a little more way-to-go-guys anymore?

Although the official National Day of Realtors is May 17th and the National Day of Mortgage Brokers is July 18th, (might want to drop that into your calendar or contacts), we still can surprise them with an unexpected proverbial handshake (oh, no, wait, I mean elbow tap or fist bump) I’ll dive deeper on these topics in future blogs but suffice it to say this:

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Remember the best compliment you can give them is this: Referrals!

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