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Today’s 2 articles show how a blog post can contain an article and pertain it to the subject of your post:

The National Association of Realtors, NAR Report 2021 released earlier this year. Data shows the age groups actively participating in both buying and selling which guides YOU to align your target audience. Thereby getting in front of the group most interested in transacting property.

The Federal Trade Commission, posts this article on Reverse Mortgages on their website, Reverse Mortgages When loan officers have a full arsenal of loan products to offer they can offer borrowers more options to choose from. The reverse mortgage was a product I was pleased to see come along back when it did. I closed quite a few of them and was happy to help out the seniors that otherwise were in a tight spot. When we look to help others rather than look for what we can get out of something, it’s better all the way around.

This is one example of the research for a specific marketing material that can boost your blog effect and result in getting more viewers. With the right words in front of the right people things can change. The better you present, the more you set yourself apart from the competition.

Keeping helpful data note sheets to remember what your buyers and sellers want and need is important. Sometimes generating a custom form for your files is a good practice. I can take the parameters of what you have in mind and create a template for you.

A practice known as “farming” was a marketing method used before computers were utilized. You start by selecting an area you wanted to focus on. Two blocks, four blocks, ten blocks, etc. These areas were outlined by streets as their boundary lines. Obtained the property profiles which are for the real estate professionals and include information such as names, property basics and owners mailing addresses, the assessed value and tax base. Next, you designed a marketing plan and began to contact the owner occupants or the non-owner occupants depending on your marketing objective. This was a reliable way to form the relationship connections. If you work in an affiliate business connected to real estate such as contracting, a moving company, or property management, this provides vital information and it would benefit you to contact realtors as a referral to network with.

This is when and why my personal business letter mission began. Writing is a phenomenal way to connect. Right now, if you think about it, I am connecting to you. No one else, just you, unless you are reading this out loud before others for the first time, then it’s just you. My words form a mental image one sentence at a time. Those are the building blocks of written communication. Amazing if you think about it. I’m talking to you without needing to be with you at the same time. That same connection exists in letters, articles, brochures, bios, ads, flyers, sales sheets, sales letters, eBooks, etc. They act as forerunners into concrete business dealings. Usually takes a few efforts to get noticed and then follow through with introduction phone calls or a meet-and-greet where you stop by their office or house and make their acquaintance, leave them a business card and offer your services. This works as well as any other tactic. The point is to operate in all dimensions for success. Run ads, distribute brochures, mail letters and newsletters, run email campaigns, post on social media, and of course in person.

As I always say. “How do you know unless you try?”

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