2022 Marketing Plan

Select Your Market

Different businesses need different market connections. You can’t connect before you know who to market too. That information becomes your baseline. Start by learning who your market is. Customized Copywriting suggests you ask:

Does your product or service resonate with a younger group Gen X or Y or more mature like Baby Boomers? Are they typically male or female or both? Are your markets in the United States or global? If not global could you go global if interested? Do you know which countries may be interested in your business? If you are just starting out and that information isn’t available yet then do the best you can at an educated guess.

Target That Market

After time and consideration has been invested in a review (by the way, reviewing your market more often, is strategic in this “pandemic” period, due to the markets rapidly changing). Then gather more insight about how to connect. Once that is established your campaigns can be directed toward specific groups to maximize connecting with the most appropriate candidates. Candidates will become visitors and visitors will become prospects and prospects will become customers and customers will become repeat customers. It is always a good idea to test the market before investing in a full on campaign to ascertain if its best to include a video, an image, or simple text.

Set Frequency of Ad Campaigns

This largely is connected to your budget. If you know your annual budget dollar divide that by twelve to consider monthly roll outs. If that seems a bit daunting then divide by six and roll out slightly larger more detailed campaigns every other month. Google analytics tends to take a while to generate data feedback so the six times would be my choice. Not only are all the headlines and descriptions necessary to place a campaign, it takes keywords and titles too. So now that the framework is built you then need email posts to accompany them for an extra layer of market awareness.

Supplementing Your Ad Campaigns

Ask most any copywriter and they will tell you that email and blog posts are to this day one of the very best tools to connect with your audience there is. They are delivered right to your email contact list on a very regular basis and provide valuable information and consistent reminders that you are there. Catching on as of late, using the same concept of regular “reminders with value” is the tweak into business texting. Many business owners really like this method because it can separate out the noise found in many inboxes today.


This gives you a basic idea of what goes into roughing out the annual marketing plan. There will be more rolling out daily on this to prepare you for the new year. At the end of this post I will provide a link to a free article I’m giving you today on marketing. This particular type of marketing focuses on bringing attention to your website which is your online store front. The article is titled, “Market Your Website 9 Ways” It is also posted on my website under “Articles” https://d.docs.live.net/87b2d6502ab7500b/Documents/Articles/Market Your Web Site 9 Ways .docx

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