Creating Content to Help You Sell More

This is the caption on my new website. I am very interested in helping people, entrepreneurs, women-owned business and the real estate community sell more. If selling isn’t your end game then one can drive toward more leads; more influence; more attention; more authority; more power; just more.

Start Selling When Young

When I was a young Blue Bird and Girl Scout I enjoyed the annual candy drive sales. When they’d ask me how many boxes I thought I could sell, I’d say as many as I can get. I often won as top seller because I wanted to smoke the competition. That was my target. Getting my name in the newspaper articles and being awarded ribbons was nice too.

It Builds Great People Skills

It didn’t resonate from a place of self serving gratification it was just nice to be good at something as a result of being friendly to others. I’d place little pressure, made it enjoyable, gave great purchase ideas, transacted using the right words, provided correct change, looked people in the eye and smiled. It was a win-win. This followed me as I found myself selling my artwork in my high school student store and conducting home parties and bumping up sales by coaching my hostesses, placing ads and running through possible objectives in my head before hand. I’m not much on using these catch phrases but I DO like this one, Plan your work and work your plan. This makes a lot of sense and is worth bringing to mind.

Sales Connect People

Sales are nothing more than agreements between people. The more you know people the better you’ll be. The more you practice the better you’ll get. Study up on psychology of sales; Emotional triggers behind the decision to buy; You’ve probably heard about how people decide to buy based on an emotion. Do you remember the trailer to The Mary Tyler Moore Show? How she picked up the meat package and flippantly tossed it into her cart? The emotion was complacence, I don’t want to loose my energy so I’ll buy the food and eat. Even when you don’t want to or it isn’t necessarily appealing.

What You Probably Didn’t Know Is There Are 37 Different Copy Writing Emotions

Now you can see a little clearer why it is a good idea to explore the different emotions. Usually this information is covered in health or psychology books. Understanding what makes folks tick can translate over into what type of content is best needed to serve the desired result. But that doesn’t solve the problem when you are creating content for a sales letter or a promotional campaign. Training in the use of words connected to the emotions is where the craft is formed and why some pieces of persuasive copy cannot be beat, not for a lack of trying but because they are just that good. They have earned millions of dollars and still continue to do so long after the writer is gone. I can read the masterpieces over and over and I learn something new every time. It is amazing to me but I am an avid reader and writer and live inside the world that puts in the written words and in the world that takes them back out again.