Media Marketing “Goal Set” Rank by Importance

OK, you got me, I’m not a videographer but I can work to get better. I posted this on YouTube (please subscribe)-It walks you through a simple way to map out your 2022 goals. Connect with yourself for reaching targets by keeping them in the front of your mind. Seek help when needed and take your business seriously. Follow channels you enjoy learning from, take what makes sense to you, and leave the rest. There are no such things as “do-overs” in real life so plan your work and work your plan if you want to succeed. Many businesses fail and that means you do what you can to move forward. Make each day progressive. Love your choices. You got this.

A clear Goal Set will guide yourself through any project on your design! Place your biggest tasks and challenges as “priorities”. Support the priorities by adding supplements to enhance them.

For example, You have a new seasonal item to bring to market on July 1st. This requires working the plan backward. If it takes the customary 45 days to develop the marketing campaign, walking it backward has you lining up the marketing copywriter to begin on May 15th. Now you can build the project details around this duration of sufficient time.

One of the key points I mention in the video is that there was an experiment performed on school children. With electrodes placed around the head and hooked to a monitor they had the child enter keystrokes on the computer to write a paragraph. The results were recorded. Then the child picked up a pen and paper and wrote down the same paragraph. The results were recorded. It turns out that very little brainwave activity occurred while using the computer but what’s fascinating, is the results of the handwritten portion, shown the monitor lit up and firing away.

We are engaged when in the act of writing. Write down your goals and you are more apt to stay connected by reading them often and committing them to memory. Good students practice this when they keep a notebook and make regular entries in them. Retention comes through the “rote” method of learning that holds a person memorizes through repetition.

For example, when you first hear a song it’s impossible to have it memorized, how could you? you just heard it but after it plays on the radio for days, weeks, months, and eventually years, you know every word.