Video Tells It Like It Is

Broaden Our Horizon

My First YouTube video ever! This is SO exciting. My channel will cover my copywriting services and this video introduces myself and my contact info. I wanted to make a video for a long, long time and chose to go with a quick and casual unedited version for this. After I got my new iPhone 13 Pro and being so impressed with its camera quality, I had no reasons left to keep putting this off. I jumped in.

Now, I know how to write detailed scripts for videos and telemarketing. Wrote them for years. I used one on this. As I move into 2022 and my marketing plan outline details increase on content, I know I will be using them even more. I have a long running stage presence which I think helps in script writing. When you have experienced first hand what you are writing about it’s a game changer.

I don’t intend on making long videos around seven minutes I believe. In this video my body text explains how I recognize an uptick in new sites, new businesses and web use since the Covid creating an increased need for copywriting.

History Into My Copywriting

I, like many decided to go public as a copywriter since I was doing a lot of it over the years anyway. I had friends and coworkers regularly ask me to draft letters and ads for them. I wrote all the ads for my real estate company and I REALLY like writing letters. Because there is so much online increase it has created a shortage of copywriters.

After assisting another woman-owned real estate broker ramp up her marketing materials, it hit me. I’m going to try to help women-owned business owners. After all, I’ve overcome more than my fair share of obstacles and challenges that are unique to women. From discrimination to spite, from sexual harassment to bullying.

Each time, I picked myself up shook it off and kept going. As the oldest I had to protect myself and my sisters. One time there was a bully on the school bus and he was really cruel. I told him I was going to have my older brother teach him some manners and he backed off. The funny thing was I didn’t have an older brother. But you have to meet invaders on their own turf.

A long ago I read in a book, that the best revenge is success. And you know what? I believe it. I have for a long time and when you find yourself as a single mom and things are tougher then ever before, you become super motivated. Drive and tenacity are like muscles; they strengthen with use under pressure. Allowing you to reach so far it’ll shock you.

Video Is King

Video is king! Right along with content! We now have “Co-Kings”(if you will) providing levels or layers of visual data. Creativity bubbles up all around video platforms. I don’t know if it plays a part in the viral sensations but it wouldn’t surprise me. Reach out if I could write video scripts for you.

Till next time, Cindy