Spring Into Action with Promotions

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1) When it comes to marketing, there’s a period before a sale when a prospect will check you out a bit.

2) It can take up to 12 times of seeing your posts/ads/letters/emails for them to actually do business with you. Determine which phase they’re in and create the appropriate material to meet it. It’s a mistake to expect instant results. The exception is the “low-hanging fruit”, those ready to buy, when they encounter your marketing materials. You were at the right place at the right time. It’s like getting a referral it’s beautiful.

3) When a patron has an overall positive experience, it’s proof that a pathway to good, quality, “connect-ability” was present. Good job. Take joy in victories large and small alike.

4) Your site and marketing materials should have been designed with a unique style and “voice” which adds a great deal to reach your ultimate results through your brand. If they aren’t, I can help with that. I’m verified in Website Auditing and any subsequent improvements that may follow.

5) A tried-and-true persuasive technique is “Reciprocity”. The process of “give and take”. Basically, when someone gives you something, you feel obligated to give something back in return. That’s why we bring food and drink gifts to the hostess of a dinner party. We are hard-wired to feel guilt for being indebted. Did you know this pattern also generates good results in business too? For example, join our gym now and your first month is free, or nice servers giving free samples at the market. It goes toward making you look decent and generous. Which is a good thing.

6) If free time is not available for you to implement these productive practices, feel free to get with me. I’m a 20 yr veteran in the art of selling and my copywriting reflects it.

7) Creating eBooks and articles are well within my wheelhouse too. Presenting free gifts to your prospects are just as thoughtful as if you wrote them yourself. I’ll even make it sound like you did. ?