How a Skilled Web Team Builds Sites the Right Way

There is a Right way a Skilled Web Team Builds Sites and a Wrong Way

How a Skilled Web Team Builds Sites the Right Way

By Cindy Zaglinski, Certified Copywriter and Site Audit Consultant
Customized Copywriting

We’re pretty certain you wouldn’t let your nephew Joey, or a high-school neighbor do your taxes or negotiate the sale of your home. So why would you trust your web site investment to a novice and risk your online success?

Launching a successful business web site is a job for the pros.

To ensure your best chance at online success, you need to find the best people you can afford, people who have experience in creating profit-generating, optimized Web sites.

As with any professional service, you get what you pay for. If you do all your homework top plan your site and you find a great team of Web professionals, your site will be done right THE FIRST TIME and launched sooner than if you go with an inexperienced team.

So “Who’s Who” in web site development? Some or all the following roles must be included in you web team for maximum results. Often, one person can fill different roles.

Project Manager- This is your trusted liaison for the entire web team and the person who directs the building of the web site project, meets with you to outline goals, objectives, and tasks, and keeps everyone on the Web team informed and on schedule.

Web Designer- This professional is a graphic artist who designs the look and feel of your site, using Web design expertise and skills.

Web Developer/Programmer- This advanced web designer analyzes your site elements and needs and develops a plan for maximum functionality, creates your sitemap and page “wireframe” outlines (working with others) and oversees all the programming and testing of your site.

Information Architect- This professional content planner understands “the art and science of organizing and labeling web sites, intranets, online communities and software to support usability and “findability.” Information Architecture Institute definition found at

Web Content Writer- This professional is an advanced marketing copywriter who has expertise in writing online sales copy for visitors AND search engines, and has written dozens of successful, optimized sites.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert- This highly analytical and detail-oriented individual understands how to drive traffic to web sites, and markets your web site in search engines, following the ever-changing search engine rules and algorithms. (If you’re lucky to have a Certified SEO Copywriter on your team, this person can serve as the web content writer AND SEO expert.)

Webmaster- This technically gifted Web site administrator is responsible for help to build and maintain the site, testing links, and creating and updating pages.

E-Commerce Specialist- This skilled professional has expertise in connecting the front-end/site storefront to the back end/shopping cart and connecting credit-card processing software to set up secure payments online.

Usability Expert- This valued specialist studies global usability issues and analyzes your site elements and needs and develops a plan for maximum functionality.

Photographer-A skilled web photographer knows how to provide images that work best on the Web to show dimension and depth. To find a great Web team, ask a few colleagues you know who have a site that really works. (If you’re lucky, you know someone personally who has a great business web site!) It’s always best to go with companies that come with the approval of a friend or colleague. Having professional photographs enhances your web image considerably and is highly recommended.

When you have these team members working together in a coordinated and professional manager, website wonder can work for you!

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