Market Your Web Site 9 Ways

Marketing Websites to Increase Lead-Conversions Through Content Networking

Market Your Web Site 9 Ways Via Offline Marketing

By Cindy Zaglinski, Certified Copywriter, Site Audit Consultant
Customized Copywriting

Did you know that the average American needs to receive the same marketing message up to 12 times before he/she might respond? Yikes, that's a lot. Challenging for a copywriter.

As you think about marketing websites, consider that your ideal prospects and customers are bombarded with marketing messages every day. You need to make sure your web site’s messages stand out away from the pack- OFTEN- to reach your target audience in a meaningful way. Solve their problem. See our How-to articles for ideas.

In today’s cluttered market, a strong appealing message, consistently hammered to your audience will boost your rate of success. Plan to reach your prospects and customers through a repeated mix of offline and online tactics.

Here’s how to tackle the offline marketing tactics once you have chosen a strong domain name and a tagline that descries your promise to customers. For example, the domain name has a tagline of “The best places to shop, right at your fingertips.” .

1. First, put your domain name and tagline on all the branded materials you already use to identify and/or market your business, including:

· Business cards

· Letterhead sheets and envelopes

· Business sales materials such as brochures, sell sheets and flyers

· Newspaper ads

· Your phone book ad

· Emails: add your domain name to the electronic signature at the bottom of all your business emails.

· Public relations materials, such as press releases and media kits. Remember to refer to our Copywriter how-to articles on marketing websites as often as you need.

2. Announce the arrival of your website through press releases, articles, and special mailers.

· If your business is local, throw a big party to celebrate the launch of your site (and drive awareness) Give out movie tickets or gift cards as door prizes.

3. Put your domain name/tagline on your company vehicles.

4. Wear a T-shirt and/or ball cap with your domain name/tagline. Order note pads and buttons also.

5. Sponsor a local sports team and have them post a big sign somewhere with your domain name/tagline

6. Sponsor a networking event and make brochures available with your domain name/tagline.

7. Hand out product samples labeled with your domain name/tagline.

8. Send your current customers a postcard with a discount coupon for purchases of inquiries on your new web site.

9. Offer to teach a class for free on your subject of expertise; include handout materials labeled with your domain name/tagline.

Have fun with it and include your staff in finding creative ways to promote your web site!

Keep in mind that this small yet very important part of your ongoing web promotion strategy will help you drive more and more customers to your site-all supporting your profits. As a marketing drive my Real Estate company would give away pumpkins with materials attached to local residents in October. These activities and projects are great fun for the family and the neighborhood kids.

These are just some of the ways you can boost your success on the internet.
To learn more, read our other articles, Or contact us for help with your site now.