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Customized Copywriting’ “So-Fine Outline”

December 29, 2021

My own design and video, posted on YouTube (please subscribe)-Walks you through a simple way to map out your 2022 goals. Connect with yourself for reaching targets. Seek help when needed and take your business serious-it is! With my simple…

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Video Tells It Like It Is

December 27, 2021

Broaden Our Horizon My First YouTube video ever! This is SO exciting. My channel will cover my copywriting services and this video introduces myself and my contact info. I wanted to make a video for a long, long time and…

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2022 Marketing Plan

December 24, 2021

Select Your Market Different businesses need different market connections. You can’t connect before you know who to market too. That information becomes your baseline. Start by learning who your market is. Customized Copywriting suggests you ask: Does your product or…

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Creating Content to Help You Sell More

December 23, 2021

This is the caption on my new website. I am very interested in helping people, entrepreneurs, women-owned business and the real estate community sell more. If selling isn’t your end game then one can drive toward more leads; more influence;…

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Copywriting Functionality

September 11, 2021

Not long ago, while waiting in a line, I was asked what I did. I replied that I was a freelance copywriter in the digital marketing field. The follow up question (as you can guess) what is that? Which I…

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Mini-Copy Corner Has Arrived at the Station

August 20, 2021 Copy Corner posts a variety of content for Women-Owned Entrepreneurs desiring a competitive edge. Creating content to help you sell more. Quick reads with sneak-peaks into Customized Copywritings’ Marketing Vault. This is where you will find posted articles, short…

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August is Our Real Estate Industry Appreciation Month

August 15, 2021

When the sun comes up, most of us wake in our cozy comfortable houses glad to be alive and living. Remember the first night you spent in your house? All that work finally reached its end and there you were.…

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Stay the Course and Your Dreams Will Come True

August 6, 2021

Sometimes we shelf a dream or two because a lot of time has come and gone, and it doesn’t seem likely to happen. We humans tend to avoid unpleasant and uncomfortable issues, so day by day we learn to stop…

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Copywriting Ideas: Working Women Perform a Juggling Act

August 4, 2021

Mini Copy Corner When I was finding my feet career-wise the kids were coming along, first two (yes twins) then two more. I was up to my eyeballs in not enough time in the day. If you’re there now-take solace…

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