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Transform Your Business With Creative Marketing Solutions

Customized Copywriting provides creative marketing solutions that can transform your business. Boosting your web presence can promote product sales. This will help your business be more effective. Whether its creating engaging written content or helping you identify issues with your current online campaign.

Reviews to Makeovers

With a variety of copywriting and digital marketing services to select from. This will ensure your business is at the top of its game. Get a full marketing makeover to attract new customers and retain old ones.

Site Content Audit and Report

Our signature service. This delivers a digital marketing experience designed to improve your reach and produce consistent results. You will notice a steady flow of leads that will even out the highs and lows associated with on and off again marketing drives.

Marketing Packages Custom Designed

Editing content and livening up a section can work wonders for your message and the tone of your site. Putting you in the best light possible.

Your Site Needs Regular Attention to be Working at its Best

Transform your online shop to create more prospects using a combination of methods. It doesn't happen over night but consistently being mindful of your online presence is a great strategy now that site presence is so important.

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In-Depth Competitive Analysis

Comprehensive research piece to uncover strategy data.

Social Media Monthly Management

Consistently grow your online presence by posting and monitoring on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for 1-2 hours/day, 5 days/week.

Keyword Research

Identify top keyword opportunities in google, etc. on specific topics.

New Page: SEO/Sales-Conversion Copy

Landing page, sales page, or additional site page.

Articles and Advertorials

Reviews, original research full data report, and methods.

"Obstacles are those frightful little things you see when you take your eyes off your goal"-

Henry Ford

Email, Business Text, Newsletter

Company or customer point of view with reach out and grow sales including special promotions, invitations, and more.


Very unique 2-5 page website intended to boost sales by being ultra-specific and detailed.

Blog Post

Single, topic-specific blog posts written for readers and SEO.  Can be made stand-alone or in a series. By far the most universal tool used for attracting attention. Favorite of many used not only to rank in search engine SEO analytics but for its persuasion tactics as well.

Case Study

A problem-solution-outcome story featuring a product or service. Used heavily by online stores finding value in former customers' experiences with a product that solved a problem and the story about it.


Content on real estate, mortgages, music, art, hot-rods, gardening, cooking, interiors, parenting, homemaking products and services.

Physical Marketing and Copywriting Services

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Direct Mail: Magalog

This multi-page sales letter presented in the form of a magazine or tabloid.

White Paper, Collateral Audit

Special reports used in transactions of business with assets, usually including real estate.

Direct Mail: Lead-Generation Package

Letter, envelope, order device, buck slip, for the offer.

How-To Guide or "Tips" Booklet, Training Manual

Helpful information to provide prospects and customer (also employees when applicable).


What My Clients Say About My Service

Cindy is wonderful! She's knowledgeable, a great communicator, with a great personality.
- Debbie B

I love working with her, she'll go the extra mile, she's determined, caring, and positive.
- Mary
Cindy's so creative, making her a treat to work with. Great projects so far.
- Shirley V.

Do NOT stop writing.                                                                                                                           - Paul

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Why I Chose To Do This Work

As a kid, I spent most of my time reading or writing in some fashion. I would volunteer to work at our town library so I could read books on the weekends. Writing letters and short stories before bed became part of my childhood routine. I became known as a book lover and received books as gifts. Eventually, my friends and family would ask me to write things for them. My grandma was a grade school teacher and she would have me writing and illustrating newsletters and bulletins year after year. I loved it and so did she. Over the years, not a lot has changed, and my love for reading and writing continues to grow and someday I'll write a book of my own.

"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about" Benjamin Franklin

Expand Your Marketing and Copywriting Know - How

In addition to my services, I also provide helpful articles that my clients can use to learn how to optimize their marketing efforts for attracting customers and promoting sales. You can read them for free by going to the "Articles" page.

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