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Give Your Business a Marketing Boost With Creative Marketing Solutions

  1. Your marketing can attract good customers to your business. Once you know your audience well, you can seek them out. Let's say you rent watercraft at the river.     
  2. Creating several audience fields to filter through different parameters such as age and interests, etc. Placing ads in front of narrowed audiences and routinely following up for data mining or lead generation efforts can prove to be fruitful.                                                             
  3. I design marketing campaigns that can span an entire year in advance if desired. I write consecutive pieces one after the after following my custom outlines. Some contain images but some do not. They follow the company promo schedule and showcase the various product lines. Focusing on benefits always. Select from emails, newsletters, sales letters, blogs, social media posts, articles, reports, papers, etc.                                                         
  • A large portion of my work takes place before the outline. I'll research, read reviews, and interview key people until I feel equipped to move forward. This provides the most professional results with leads and sales increase to the fullest potential.

Ebooks and Website Content 

  1. Digital books are available in many genres and the approach to capturing the words that work right for the job at hand is very important. After knowing the details, I hit the keys and rarely come up for air.                                                                                                      
  2. Research applies here as well, as does the target audience to a degree to arrive at the flow and language. I create the outline and get to it.                                                                                                                             
  3. The concept should complement your business type and is not difficult to coordinate.                                                                                                                                                     
  4. Website content is exciting to me. After the research, developing the words that will represent your business take on a whole new meaning. When under the microscope every day they need to be as good as they can be.  Rarely do web teams spend time looking into your business details let alone analyzing the best scenario for your audience.                                                              
  5. Page by page I'll provide you with an audit of the weaknesses (and strengths) and provide my suggested recommendations to hold your attention once you've got it.                                                             
  6. Prepare the decided-upon work and deliver a targeted, purposeful, page-by-page product/service-specific report with the suggestions tailored to your needs.
Customized Copywriting

In-Depth Competitive Analysis

  • Peer into the strategy that affects your industry and learn how to position yourself to be seen by more of the right people.

Social Media Monthly Management

  • Consistently grow online by posting and monitoring the data on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter platforms with 1 or 2 hours/day, 3 or 5 days/week options.

Articles and Advertorials

  • Just one single article can stand alone or be utilized multiple times in multiple ways to support educating your audience. Using one piece for the first-timers and something more complex for the repeat customers.
  • It can provide unexplored uses for many useful purposes. We are happy to provide an Article Topic Generation List. Submit a completed, super short form on the contact page and request in the note box.
  • An Advertorial is a form of advertisement that gives information about the product in a way similar to an article. Often placed after an article in sequence.
  • They appear in newspapers, magazines, and websites. Effective by unexpectedly combining both content and copy to give a compelling desire to purchase and the reasoning to justify the decision.

Email, Business Text, Newsletter

  • Reach out to companies and customers alike and grow sales through special promotions, helpful information, invitations to a class or webinar, and much more.                                     
  • The most underappreciated tools on the marketer's workbench are a healthy imagination and an open mind.

Blog Post

  • A single, topic-specific blog post written for readers and SEO.  They can be made to stand-alone or in a series. By far, the most universal tool used for attracting attention. It's a user favorite not only to rank in search engine optimization ( SEO) but also for persuasion tactics.

Case Study

  • A problem-solution-outcome story featuring a product or service. Used heavily by online stores finding value in former customers' experiences that solved a problem and the story about it. Sales have been proven to increase when favorable reviews appear.


  • Copy designed to broadcast specific reasons why your product or service works. If possible, why it works so well and what is in it for your customer. Particular descriptions lend to providing the problem-solving or pain-reducing effects the subject is addressing.

Direct Marketing and Copywriting Services

Customized Copywriting

Direct Mail: Sales Letter Package


  • Depending on your character count, word count, or page count, will constitute the desired length of the piece and can range from 1-20+ pages. It's the perfect choice for your key service or your best product.                                                                                                   
  • It's also perfect for the service that hasn't caught on or the product that hasn't taken off. The word craft poured into a sales letter is descriptive yet persuasive to lead a reader into choosing to move forward with the suggested request.                                                                                                                               
  • Award-winning letters make revenue for the owner, the business, even 20 years or more, after its debut. Due to my sales background, this is the one piece that gets my creativity into gear. I really like writing sales letters.                                                                                                 
  • I put myself in the reader's shoes and try to sell myself, I imagine I developed the service model or designed the product and pour as much passion into it as possible. My post this evening stated this: If your writing is easy...then you aren't doing it right.                                                                                                     

White Paper, Collateral Audit

  • Special reports are used in transactions of business with assets that often own real estate. My experience with these reports goes back to my real estate broker days. 
  • This piece focuses on the description and purpose of the land and building structures and their current details, contents, and uses. A perfect example of content.

How-To Guide, "Tips" Booklet, Employee Training Manual, Employee Handbook


  • Helpful information to provide prospects and customers with an outline of operational instructions compiled in a sequential booklet.                                                                                     
  • Care instructions on purchased product. Warnings and contact info, warranty details, and return instructions are generally included.                                                                       
  • Employees will benefit from clear instructions about safety and behavior expectations and consequences. How to handle disputes, handy useful resources, company policies, etc.
Customized Copywriting

What Folks Have to Say About My Copywriting


"Cindy is wonderful. She's knowledgeable and a great communicator. Has a great personality too."

- Debbie Bell 


"I love working with her, she'll go the extra mile because she's caring, determined, creative, and very positive."                         

- Mary Bergland

"Cindy's so creative, making her a treat to work with. Great projects and outstanding service."

- Shirley Vopalensky 


"Do NOT stop writing."                                    

- Paul Gunderson

Customized Copywriting

How Copywriting Chose Me First

  • As a pretty young kid, I'd volunteer at our town library just so I could read books when time allowed. I loved being there. The books were like friends. The drawer would open and out came the date stamp to give me a deadline to complete my reading. Since it was optional it was fun. Not like classroom homework that you HAD to do. After school when my homework was done I'd treat myself to a little reading till dinnertime.                       
  • Soon I was writing. Letters and short stories became the thing I loved to do. News spread about my book fetish so I often received them as gifts growing up. Heidi, Black Beauty, and Little House on The Prairie were among my favorites back then.                                                                               
  • Even my friends and family would make requests of my writing skills long ago.
  • My grandma taught grade school and one year she convinced her school principal that I would be good at writing the school newsletters. They needed someone and gave me a go. They liked my work and I even got paid for them. That seemed amazing.
  • For three years I did her classroom handouts and occasionally wrote the principal's morning announcements. I recall a pageant bulletin too.
  • Later I returned to the library in high school. It was assigned to me as a punishment for something I did but little did they know, I enjoyed it. My secret.
  • The book illustrations, reading the writer's bios, and the scent of the books when you walk in the door. 
  • Not much has changed. Libraries are still one of my favorite places to be. Except I've discovered copywriting and I've been hooked ever since.
  • Message to kids: Learn to Love Reading! Some books are crazy cool and can seem like a friend. 



Versatility in Content and Copy

  • In my opinion, the article is probably the most versatile piece of content there is. It can stand alone or find its way into magazines and be posted in numerous online groups and sites.
  • You can share them by posting their links on your social media platforms. You can revisit them years later for excerpts or updating into recirculation.                                        
  • When a piece of material has that timeless element to it, place it in a special it Evergreen Content.                                                  
  • Since I'm from the Pacific Northwest and I adore Evergreens (which are all around) and they call it that because the pieces are always green or fresh. They are the "go-to" documents you will keep with you always.


Customized Copywriting